Heading East on a New Adventure


On Monday the 21st of November, I will be heading in an Easterly direction to join the good ship Voyager (Voyages of Discovery), in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The two-week voyage will include stops in India and Thailand before concluding in Singapore… all places that are quite exotic-sounding and totally new to me.

I will be running watercolour workshops on board ship for the duration, demonstrating to passengers how to paint the Stilt Fishermen of Koggala, the Shore Temple at Mahapaliburam and the distinctive rocks of Phang Nga Bay, in Phuket, amongst others.

Both Sri Lanka and India require visas to visit. Considering we are only going to be in the area for two weeks, the visas were quite expensive (£60 for Sri Lanka and £160 for India), and the application forms extensive (I had to ring my mother up to ask for the inside leg measurement of the nurse that delivered her auntie’s uncle….). Tracey and I are very much looking forward to the experience, though, and hope to be keeping a daily (-ish) blog as we go along, wifi-willing.

Bring it on…