A Typical Day At Sea

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It’s been a typical day at sea on board the MV Voyager, which sort of goes something a little bit like this…

I always set the alarm for 8am, giving us a few minutes of lazy snooze time before bounding out of bed and heading up to breakfast (which finishes at 9:30am). After breakfast, we head out on deck, to the front of the ship, to blow the cobwebs away.

Even though it is still early, the sun is so hot that we only do this for about 20 – 30 mins before going back indoors. I spend the next couple of hours working through online student stuff, and checking emails (The Voyager has a very good internet service even when we’re in the middle of nowhere), which more or less brings us up to midday, and lunchtime.

Neither Tracey or myself eat much at lunchtime (it’s far too hot for one thing), and haven’t been participating in the on-deck ‘specials’ – today, it’s ‘Pasta Station’, preferring to eat something very light in the cool of the Verandah Restaurant. After lunch, we go to the Discovery Lounge to set things up ready for my class at 2pm. Today, we’re doing a line and wash painting of the Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram. Classes vary in length, but we’re usually finished, cleaned up and packed away soon after 4pm.

Back up on deck, we’ve been joining Robin, our resident whale-watcher and lecturer, in gazing out into the wild blue yonder hoping to catch sight of a whale or two (this being a hotspot for blue whales, apparently). Sadly; all we’ve seen are a bunch of flying fish. There have been a few sightings of dolphins, but no whales.

The final hour of the afternoon has generally been spent writing up blogs or relaxing with a book until its time to get ready for Dinner. We eat in the Verandah Restaurant, the informal eatery; because the ship isn’t sailing at full capacity is also pleasingly quiet and relaxing. We have been entertained by the waiters, one of whom keeps making flowers from paper napkins.

After dinner, we generally sit in the Scotts Lounge with our books and a glass of something (beer, in my case), and if we fancy it, we wonder into the Darwin Lounge for the evening show which always starts at 9:30. By 10:30pm, we’re ready for a cup of tea up on deck (the 24-hour tea-station is on the Verandah Deck), and a final blast of evening air, watching the storms flashing on the horizon, before retiring for the night.

Peter Woolley

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