Today, we were back at sea, on our way towards our next destination, Arrecife in Lanzarote.

I had a morning class for a change, which meant we had to be up early, in time to set up ready for a 10am start.

Today, I had them painting the Barbary Apes of Gibraltar, which was a challenge, but everyone seemed to make a reasonable job of it.

By lunchtime, I was parched and ready for a long, cool drink. After lunch, we relaxed in the cabin for a while before heading downstairs mid-afternoon to ‘Hemingways’, where they sell speciality cakes and coffee.

We spent the latter half of the afternoon walking several laps around the top deck, counting steps on our respective ‘step-counting’ apps (Tracey’s had one on her phone for a while, and I downloaded and installed one when we were in Gibraltar yesterday), and generally enjoying the light cool breeze and the view of the passing waves… so much more interesting and enjoyable than going to the gym…

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