This morning, we arrived in Santa Cruz, on the island of Tenerife.

Unfortunately, this was only a short visit, with an all-aboard time of 1:30pm, so our options were relatively limited.

After yesterday’s adventure, we decided to take a leisurely walk into town. This meant following a thin blue line from the ship that led us through, and out of, the port. It isn’t a long way, but the port is quite boring to walk through.

The town seemed quiet today, which seemed odd considering that a ship was in; no craft market or throngs of people trying to sell us stuff. Also, although it was warm, it sky seemed slightly overcast, with only a hazy sun trying to force its way through.

We took a look at the round lake in the square, and went down into the underground museum where the remains of an old fort are preserved, and the cannon (El Tigra) that is reputed to have shot Nelson’s arm off (the Spanish are very proud of that cannon).

From here, we walked along the promenade to the opera house, with its distinctive curved roof that looks vaguely like a roman legionaire’s helmet if viewed from the right position. We photographed it from all angles and took a look at the portraits of famous figures from music and entertainment painted onto the rocks around the perimeter of the building, before heading back towards the ship.

The stop was short and sweet. There isn’t a great deal to see and do in Santa Cruz anyway, unless you like shopping, which isn’t something we tend to go for. With more time, it is posssible to climb one of the nearby mountains that lurk just beyond the borders of the town, but after our marathon walk yesterday, its probably just as well that we only really had time to walk to the opera house and back.

And so, the Columbus continues on its way, now heading towards our penultimate port stop, Funchal in Madeira, where we are due to arrive tomorrow. Fortunately, it’s a slightly longer day, although we haven’t made any definite plans yet.

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