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Today, we arrived in Funchal, Madeira

We didn’t have long, with all-aboard time being 3:30pm for a 4pm sailaway, so after a leisurely breakfast and a short burst of internet activity (we have a signal… yeeey!), we headed ashore for a walk.

We had no plan to speak of, other than to stretch the legs and have a random potter around town. We’ve been to Funchal many times before, so we opted for a walk around the small park then along the seafront as far as the cable car. From there, we then meandered back through the town to the Ritz, which is an open air cafe, where we ate ice cream and drank tea.

I made a quick sketch before we headed back towards the Columbus. Having caught the free shuttle bus into town, we decided to walk it back to the ship, which is about a 20 minute walk (and good for us).

It was nice to see Fred Olsen’s Black Watch also in port.

This is a short, quick post, written out on the back deck, with only minutes to go before we set sail for our next port-of call, which is 6 sea-days away, in Willemstad. I’m taking adantage of the last chance I’ll have to use my phone contract data for a while, downloading and uploading stuff frantically.

Next stop… The Caribbean.

Peter Woolley

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