So, now we face six long days at sea. The clocks went back last night, which means we are now one hour behind the UK.

Today, was a no-class day, so much of it was spent walking the upper deck, sitting on the back deck catching up with things on the laptop and going to a lecture. I’ve bought some on-board wi-fi, which turned out slightly less expensive than expected, enabling me to access emails and do a little on-line student administrative work.

The sun has been out and the sea has been calm all day. For many folks, this means laying motionless on the sun loungers for hours on end and getting a tan. For others, the task of pounding the upper deck in the name of keeping fit happens whether the sun is out or not.

Both Tracey and I have step counter apps on our phones. My target is set at 8000 steps, while Tracey’s is set at 10000. So far, we’ve both managed to reach our daily targets, even if that means walking an extra couple of top-up laps before turning in for the evening.

You’d think walking laps of the top deck would be boring. Occasionally, it can be, but I find that I’m constantly watching the sea as I walk, in the hope of seeing life – snd that’s not something you can do every day.

After watching Sue Walsh’s lecture on wildlife in the Atlantic, we spent much of the afternoon sitting out on one of the back decks, of which there are four. The one we like is the lowest one, on deck 8, which coincidentally is also where our cabin is situated. This means we can access it quite easily, just by walking a short way down the corridor from our cabin, and straight out on the deck, where there are loungers, tables and chairs, couches and a couple of hot tubs. From here, we can sit and look straight out from the back of the ship, to sea (the couches, not the hot tubs – that’s not really our thing).

At one point, a whale was spotted – about the only sign of life that has been spotted all day. A lady in the hot tub got all excited as she saw it break the surface, and several people, including Tracey, verified her sighting by seeing a couple of blows before it submerged. Sadly, I didn’t see anything.

At 5pm, we headed off to the craft room to set things up ready for tomorrow’s class, and in the evening, we had an early dinner and went to watch the show; a guest tenor who we didn’t really enjoy very much.