… and another day at sea.

It’s an ‘on’ day, which means setting the alarm half an hour earlier to get breakfasted and up in the craft room for about 9am.

Each class day that we do this, the number of people who are sat already waiting for us increases. Officially, there is still only one class down in the programme, at 10am. We’re still oversubscribed, however, and providing there are at least ten people left waiting when all the seats have been taken, I’m continuing to run a second class.

After lunch, we did our laps.

Walkers pound the upper deck, sunbathers lie in the sun, and the watchers stand guard on the sidelines with their long-lens cameras and binoculars in the hope of seeing some wildlife… of which, today, there has been none.

As Mike, one of the birders said; no-one came on the trip to see this bit. Even he admitted that the most excited he got today was when he saw some floating weed – he really needs to get out more. Weed means that we’re getting close to the Sargasso Sea, though, which generally means flying fish …and birds. That’ll keep the birders happy.

In the evening, after dinner, we went to the show. It was a new one that we haven’t seen before, called ‘Feel the Rythm’, a real high energy performance of modern classics. What was particularly notable, though, was the laser light show at the start, which was quite magnificent. The Columbus really is ktted out with state of the art lighting, sound and graphics.

At the end, a lady who had been sitting next to us asked me if I knew I had a class tomorrow… I didn’t… I really should read my own schedule….

Clocks went back another hour – now we are 2 hours behind UK