Two down, seven to go.

This morning, I ran a class on Linear Perspective, which I always worry about a little because it can be a tough subject for some folks, yet everyone, to my relief, seemed to enjoy it.

It’s also Australia Day – apparently. To mark the occasion, an ‘Australian Barbeque’ was planned for lunchtime. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a bit on the wet side. That’s not to say that it was cancelled; it still went ahead, but the food was tucked away under the canopy on the top deck, under which people huddled and filled their plates up before dashing back inside the bistro, out of the driving rain.

An ‘I’m an entertainer Get Me out of Here’ was also planned, but that was cancelled due to the rain, which has been on and off all day.

Not that I’ve been out very much. After lunch (the barbeque was delicious, by the way), I spent time in the cabin catching up on some online work. When it came time to connect to the internet down on Deck 7, however, there was no signal to be had. I have been warned that there would be some dead zones – I think this might be one of them – that may last a day or two, so I don’t know when the blog is going to get posted…

We have a reasonable view of the sea from our cabin window. We’re at the end of a row of lifeboats, and there’s an open area which can only be used by crew, providing access to all the lifeboats and associated paraphenalia. Over the last week or so, we’ve had crew turn up at around 8am every morning, armed with paint cans and brushes; maintaining the equipment and outer paint layer of the ship is an ongoing exercise, so we’ve got used to the activity. Crucially, the cabin windows have an outer layer that makes it look like a mirror from the outside, and prevents anyone from looking into the cabin. This was proved to us today, when a member of the crew chose to clean paint off his face, using our window as a mirror. It was a slightly bizarre thing to see someone looking directly at us, but not seeing us, and not knowing that we were looking directly back out at him.