It’s official… we have no internet, and will probably continue to have no internet for several days – possibly up to a week, with no connections at all.

Every morning, when we are in the bistro for breakfast, we make a habit of connecting to the
ship’s wi-fi to check for emails and to read the news headlines. Both yesterday, and today, there was nothing to connect to. I had my suspicions yesterday, of course, but this morning I heard the same explanation being given to several people who had gone to the Reception to enquire as to why there was no internet. The area we are in, as we cross the Pacific, is a complete dead zone, so the wi-fi network has, at least for the time being, been turned off.

It’s been a non-class day, so after breakfast, we did a few laps around the top deck. It’s been very overcast today, but, at that time at least, it wasn’t raining. There was quite a stiff breeze, though, around the very front of the ship, which we rather like.

At 11am, we went along to the Palladium Show lounge to listen to Paul’s talk on abandoned cities, which was quite interesting, and featured some great photographs of decaying buildings. This was followed by lunch. In the bistro, food was being served up by staff instead of passengers helping themselves. We’re not totally sure what that’s about although we have our suspicions, and hope that it’s nothing to worry about. After lunch, we went back outside but only managed to get a couple of laps in before the rain came.

It’s a formal night tonight, but we’ve decided to make it a Movie Night instead. With long hours of the day to fill, we gravitated towards the shop, from where we emerged clutching chocolate bars – the perfect accompaniement to a movie, I’d say. Later in the afternoon, we headed up to the craft room to set things up for tomorrow morning’s class, in which we will be painting a waterfall.