Last night, at around 11pm, we crossed the equator, so we are now officially sailing in the southern hemisphere, in the South Pacific Ocean.

We are still travelling ‘dark’, with no internet, and I’m really hoping that I’m not missing anything important. This is our third day without a wi-fi network, and there’s a high probability of there being three or more still to come. That’s potentially a lot of communication fallout and an inbox full of emails to contend with when we finally get a signal again.

It’s a non-class day, which means a leisurely breakfast followed by a morning of walking the upper deck and enjoying the fresh air and calm seas. There were no omelette and fried egg stations this morning, and the ceramic mugs and teaspoons in our cabin have been changed for cartons and plastic stirrers. The pools have now been closed on the top deck, so we are clearly still at defcon 3. This afternoon’s ‘Crossing the Equator’ ceremony due to take place around the pool area has been cancelled. Instead, there will be a Crossing the Equator show in the Palladium Show Lounge this evening.

Despite an announcement from the Captain and a letter to all cabins regarding the health precautions currently being undertaken on board, I have it on reasonably good authority (following enquiries of my own regarding best practice in the craft room) that there are only a very small number of guests affected, and that tests confirm none are suffering from norovirus, which is a relief.

It’s lovely out on deck, and walking the perimeter of the top deck feels like it’s good for us. At first, it was looking like there would be no sign of life again – even the fishing boats are far behind us now – but our diligence was eventually rewarded when a pod of about 8 pilot whales came bounding past us.

This afternoon, between walking laps and looking out to sea, we treated ourselves to an ice cream from the Pool Deck vendor… verrry nice!!!