We’re at sea again, and my classes have finally resumed (Dramatic sky and Crepuscular Rays). This meant setting the alarm for an early start in order to set the room up before breakfast. We couldn’t do it yesterday afternoon because we weren’t entirely sure that there would be a class at all, until we’d seen it printed in the daily programme.

It’s been very hot and humid outside, so in the afternoon we went to listen to Sue Walsh’s lecture on Albatrosses.

Once again, there has been no internet to speak of. It’s not through lack of trying, though; I was sat in the Connexions Bar (directly under the wi-fi router) getting a brief window of minor opportunity every now and then, where emails could just about be received or sent, but the connection was sadly still not strong enough for me to upload the blog, update online students, or perform other important, necessary technical tasks.

Christine, the creative writing tutor, had problems with a bridge group this afternoon. Her class is in the program as being from 2pm for about an hour. An informal bridge group has been allowed to make use of the room in the afternoons, on the understanding that it doesn’t interfere at all with any of the official Craft Studio activities (ie. art and creative writing). According to Christine, the group came into the room about 15 minutes before the end of her session, and despite promising to be wait quietly, they then proceeded to chatter rather noisily in the corner… IN THE MIDDLE OF HER SESSION! If it had been my group, they wouldn’t have been allowed through the door in the first place… why is it always bridge groups that cause the aggro?… Given ’em an inch and they’ll always take a mile.

It’s Formal Night tonight, but we can’t be bothered to get dressed up. An early dinner in the bistro followed by an evening in the cabin, suits us just fine.

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