It’s been a windy day today; so windy, in fact, that they’ve closed the top deck.

I had a class in the morning – the first of three, over three sea days – and then went and fell asleep after lunch, until late afternoon. I hate doing that – it feels like such a waste of a day, particularly since I have quite a lot of work to be getting on with (I only intended to rest my eyes for 10 minutes…).

In the evening, after dinner, we went along to watch the passenger talent show. There have been so many entries, that they split them up over the early-sitting show and the late-sitting one… meaning the two shows will be different. We watched the first show, but couldn’t drum up quite enough enthusiasm to watch the second show. That’s not to say that the quality of the entertainment was in any way lacking; there were singers, a band, a magician, ballroom dancers, and even Carol and Chrissie doing a rap – all very entertaining stuff indeed.