On board the Marco Polo – another adventure begins

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I arrived at The London Cruise Terminal, Tilbury Docks at about 12:45pm; almost bang-on schedule.


It’s not been a bad morning for travelling at all; it’s not raining, snowing or windy. There’s no wind or thick fog, and I haven’t had to navigate around any floods. In fact, the going was so good that I had to take time out for a BLT at a services just to kill a bit of time (there’s no advantage to getting there too early).


There were no hold-ups at all, anywhere; the traffic kept rolling along very nicely… hm… not used to this level of efficiency (no vertigo either…)


With the car safely parked in the staff parking garage, I entered the terminal building to be greeted warmly by the Cruise Director and the Cruise Manager… it looks like it’s going to be the same team as last year. As a tutor, I don’t have to check-in as such – it’s straight through Security, and onto the ship… just like that.


There’ll be a Passenger Lifeboat Drill at 4pm, and then we set sail for Amsterdam at 5pm this afternoon.¬†Tomorrow is a second embarkation day (as we pick up some Dutch guests), so I won’t be starting my workshops until the day after that. Last year, we had an average of 60 attendees, who were spread over 3 classes… This year, they sent out a preliminary booking form to passengers, inviting them to sign-up in advance for watercolour classes; I’ve just been informed that they’ve had 135 people put their names down… this should be interesting!


Bring it on!

Peter Woolley

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