Sunday – First Workshops and Pointless

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Today, I ran the first two workshops – Groups A and B had ‘The Building Blocks of Watercolour’. All the pre-planning and registration process paid off – both went as smoothly as can be expected for a first workshop.


Of course, there were one or two teething problems; one or two people came along to the wrong session, and one confused lady enquired as to why the group to which she’d been allocated didn’t appear in the programme (that’s because she’s in Group C, which will be tomorrow morning). I managed to flood the men’s loos when filling up the bucket of water (once full, I couldn’t get it out from under the taps, and managed to get in a right old pickle with it… ooops).


Paper needed to be cut and distributed, and palettes, paint, brushes and boards needed to be set out, ready for the punters. Fortunately, a couple of early students offered to help me out, which made the task a little easier. We’ve started a waiting list from people who turned up apologising for not having been able to make it to the registration yesterday, but could they join anyway (no).


Between the two classes, which ran back-to-back, Richard, the guest singer, popped in with a plate full of pizza slices, so that I didn’t have to go hungry. By 2:30 in the afternoon, though, I was mostly dying of thirst, with a sore throat from all the talking.


It’s always nice to get the first classes out of the way; it makes all subsequent classes much smoother, and I’m confident that the rest of the sessions will go smoothly (fingers crossed behind my back).


After the classes I felt quite drained, and headed for the cabin for a total chill-out. The cabin TV film channel was showing Toy Story 3, which relaxed me for a couple of hours, and a snooze, before having to think about Formal Night.


I must confess, I hovered over whether to bother getting dressed up in formal attire or not. It’s not my favourite dress code, made worse when I don’t have Tracey with me – one can feel a little bit daft dressed up to the nines when you’re by yourself – a bit of a Billy-no-mates – I’m glad I did bother, though, since pretty much everyone had gone to the trouble, and non-formal attire would have made me stick out like a sore thumb.


After dinner in Marco’s Bistro, which consisted of Pork Chops that were more bone than meat, and quite puny and underwhelming (not to say quite unappetising – but I didn’t fancy the duck), I watched the show (cos I was all dressed up and nowhere to go) – Magic of The Musicals.


After this, I headed up to Scotts Bar… with a certain amount of excited anticipation… because they were doing ‘Pointless’ – the game show. I don’t watch much TV at home, and generally can’t abide most of the afternoon game shows – but Pointless, I quite like.


It’s popularity was reflected in the large numbers that turned up for it. Unfortunately, despite all the people packed into the bar, they could only find one lady who was prepared to take part as a contestant – so, guess who got chose to fill the two empty places… myself and Michelle, one of the other Craft Tutors.


It was a fun hour’s entertainment; I wasn’t very good (although I did manage to find a couple of pointless answers), and got knocked out before the head-to-head, which was probably a good thing – the quiz was ultimately won by the passenger – which is, of course, exactly as it should be…. I got to play in ‘Pointless’ though…. how cool is that?


It’s been a long day, likely to be repeated tomorrow. I’m tired and ready for bed… I notice that the breakfast times in the morning have been extended to 10am… woo hoooo!! A lie-in!!!

Peter Woolley

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