Monday – Still At Sea

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As predicted, today hasn’t been so very different from yesterday. Groups C and D got their first crack at the whip, so it felt like a whole day of firsts again. Needless to say, it went relatively smoothly; not quite as manic as yesterday, and certainly more organised.


They’ve adjusted some of the meal timings in Marco’s Bistro, which meant breakfast has been extended to 10am, and Lunchtime extended to 3pm. This is ideal for me, since I can lie-in an extra 30 minutes in the morning, and after my last class has finished, providing I’m quick enough, I can dash to Marco’s for a spot of lunch (just as well, cos no-one brought me any today).


The sun showed its face today, so I went for a brief walk outside after breakfast. Unfortunately, brief is definitely the operative word, since it was so windy, I could barely stay upright. I made it as far as the front of the ship and stood for as long as I could hold my breath, then bid a hasty retreat back inside. It’s not much, but it was nice to blow some of the cobwebs away…


My mission for the day was to organise some excursions. I went to the tours office and introduced myself, handing over a wishlist, with the hope that I can bag some escort duty on some of them (effectively halving the cost). I also explained that, since Tracey wouldn’t be joining us until Madeira, I would be happy to take any tour escort duties for Lisbon, should they need my services. As it turns out, after watching the show tonight, after dinner (‘Dancing Queen’ – a combined tribute to Abba and Queen), I got back to the cabin to find a Tour Duty Assignment sheet popped under the door – yeey!


This means I need to get an early night. Tomorrow, I’ll be escorting on the ‘Lisbon’s Famous Sights’ tour (9:15 – 13:15). We won’t be leaving Lisbon until 7:30pm, so that’ll also give me a chance to take a walk into the city by myself after lunch (I’m hoping to find an art shop where I can purchase some 140lb watercolour paper; Gareth has given me the green light to go source some, and he’ll pay me back whatever I spend… we have a reasonably-sized stock of paper, but it’s all 90lbs, so we’ll see…)

Peter Woolley

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