Saturday – At Sea – First Workshop

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Today was our first full day at sea, and a right rocky day it’s been too. A constant swell has had the ship rocking and rolling all day, and the outer decks have been empty and occasionally very wet with squally rain showers. The tables and chairs on the Verandah Deck have been trussed up and the swimming pool emptied.

Being a sea-day, I ran my first workshop this afternoon. Considering the rough seas, I was pleasantly surprised with the turn-out (which amounted to about 30 passengers all eager to learn the basic washes – what I like to call ‘The Building Blocks of Watercolour’. It all went well, despite the challenging conditions, and everyone seemed happy wiith the outcome.

In the evening, we went to see our featured guest entertainer, Gervais Finn, who is a very funny man, and thoroughly entertaining after-dinner speaker.

The rough, rolling seas continued on throughout the evening and long into the night. In fact, it got worse later on; with wardrobes and drawers flying open and things crashing to the floor, we were clearly in for a rough night…

Peter Woolley

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