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Today, we are still at sea, on our way towards Gibraltar, where we are due to arrive at midday tomorrow.

After breakfast, we decided to get some exercise by walking around the upper deck several times. The weather is improving by the day, and although there is still a bit of a cool breeze, the upper decks are becoming more and more populated by folks wanting to get some fresh air. As far as walking is concerned; there is a circuit of sorts, but we found that it could be extended by going down two or three flights of steps at the back end of the ship, where there are five extra decks, and up again. Once we’d worked the route out, we calculated that we would need to complete twenty circuits in order to do a daily-recommended 10,000 steps (Tracey has an app on her phone that logs steps).

We completed seven circuits and then headed for the show lounge to listen to Louise Bonner’s talk on Gibraltar. Louise is always a class act and an entertaining listen, and her lecture didn’t disappoint. As a retired university lecturer, Louise’s specialist subjects are geography and geology, so we came away with a little more understanding of what the Rock of Gibraltar is made of, and how it came to be there, along with a potted history of its inhabitants over the centuries, and its strategic significance as a British overseas colony.

This afternoon I held my second class (Tonal Study), which went well, and was a full house, and this evening we went to watch Claire (Brookside) Sweeney in the Show Lounge, who was very funny and entertaining.

Peter Woolley

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