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Today, we were back at sea heading towards our final port stop before the final leg back to home.

I spent most of the morning in the cabin doing some online student work before heading upstairs to lunch.

After lunch, I held my penultimate painting class in the Crafters Studio. ‘The Rooftops of Lisbon’ Line and Wash proved to be a challenge (and next time, I’ll demonstrate it on a smaller sheet of paper), but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

In the evening, we went to watch Christopher Gee’s second show. Once again, he was on top form; a very entertaining and enjoyable impressionist.

With all the top class entertainment we’ve had on board – what with the ‘Legends of the Musicals’ n’ all – and there have been a lot of them – one would expect passengers to be thoroughly satsfied, yet we were rather amazed to hear a couple complaining about the onboard entertainment in a lift recently. I couldn’t help but wonder how they would define ‘good entertainment’. Although we tend not to go to the ‘showteam’ shows on the grounds that we’ve seen most of them before, and musicals are not really our thing, I think the standard and diversity of what’s been on offer this cruise has been exemplerary.

Peter Woolley

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