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Today was our first full sea day, and I didn’t have a class. Which is just as well, because I woke up with no voice (I was also grumpy because I’d had a dream that a family of weird people were dismantling my campervan). I croaked my way through the morning, but by late afternoon it had more or less returned.

Needless to say, we had a relatively relaxed day of not doing very much at all. After a leisurely breakfast, we went to the Show Lounge to listen to a lecture on the oceans and tectonic plates, then spent the rest of the morning in The Dome – a large, round lounge right at the front of the ship – writing yesterday’s blog. Fortunately, at around midday, we were passing close to the Isle of Wight, and managed to receive a strong enough phone signal to enable me to upload my post before it disappeared again.

After lunch, we headed outside to walk a few laps of the open deck. It was cold and grey, and they’ve closed the front deck off due to the winds, but it was nice to blow a few cobwebs away all the same.

At the back end of the afternoon, after a little recovery time in the cabin, from our step-counting we headed off to the Craft Room (which is an actual dedicated room, known as ‘Crafters Studio’), to set things up in readiness for tomorrow morning’s class. After the relative chaos of yesterday’s class, and an inkling that we may possibly have even more people turning up to the next one, it seemed a good idea to spend some time planning the room and materials out in advance.

An anouncement earlier in the afternoon by the captain warned us that we may be heading into rough seas tomorrow, so if things turn a little rocky, all our forward planning might be for nowt… who knows?

Peter Woolley

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