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What a difference a day makes.

This morning, everything was back to normal again. Not only had the rough seas subsided, but the sun was shining, enticing lots of people out onto the deck for some fresh air. After breakfast, we joined them, doing several laps before heading back indoors to catch up on some blog-writing and online-studenting, in The Dome.

After lunch, I took my sketchbook out onto the top deck to indulge in some impromptu, location sketching. The sun was shining and the wind was minimal; it still isn’t super warm yet, but it was pleasant outside nonetheless. I began by sketching a view along the deck, with the distinctive curved lighting gantry in centre stage, with the forward superstructure, complete with radar dishes behind it. I drew it out in ink and then applied a little colour from a small portable paint box, with a water brush pen.

After that, I stood for a very long time looking at the bow wave and the intricate foam holes it creates along the side of the ship, and made a pencil sketch that attempted to capture the movement and random patterns. I’m not sure how successully I did that, but the process was very immersive, and quite cathartic, and the pencil drawing just grew and grew.

At 5pm, we went to the craft room to set up for tomorrow, only to discover a small group of people in there (‘Friends of Bill W’), who had been promised the room from 5 until 6. We returned at 6pm and took over an hour to set up; in future, we may have to set up at 4pm…

After dinner, we went to the Show Lounge to watch the second show of our first guest act, magician Jasper Thomas, before turning in for the night (and a couple of Stargate Atlantics…).

Peter Woolley

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