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With just one day to go before we arrive at our next port-of-call, Funchal, I held my third class this morning; an exercise on tricks and tips to visually explain the three-dimensional shape of hills in a simple landscape.

We had hoped that, by now, the numbers of folks turning up to the classes would have dropped sufficiently enough to keep it down to just the one class. Unfortunately it remains over-subscribed, with me once again having to run a second class to cope with the demand. Hey ho.

Having large numbers of people turn up is flattering, but running two classes is draining, both on myself and the art materials we have with us, which are finite in quantity. My main concern is whether or not the paper and paint will last until we get to Sydney.

After lunch, we did a few laps of the top deck again before heading indoors to catch up on some work that will need to be uploaded as soon as we get a data signal in Madeira, tomorrow. Yesterday, while we were out walking, we saw a few dolphins; today, we’ve seen nothing.

Tonight, it was formal night. We put on our glad-rags and ate in the bistro (which is what we prefer). After that, we went along to watch the show, only to find ourselves at the Captain’s cocktail party, where he introduced all his senior officers and free drinks were served.

All of this was followed by a pantomime retelling of ‘Wizard of Oz’, which was hilarious and lots of fun.

Finally, because we were still dressed for a night out, we had a drink in the Taverners Pub, where we were entertained by a singer with a guitar, before heading back to the cabin for Season 1 finale of Stargate Atlantis.

We know how to live….

Peter Woolley

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