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With the class scheduled to start at 9am, I set the alarm for 7:30am, which should give us enough time to get breakfasted and in the craft room by about 8:30am.

Imagine our surprise and confusion, then, when we arrived in the Bistro, only to find that they hadn’t started serving breakfast yet. We hung about a bit, waiting for things to kick off, but 8am came and went, and there was still no omelette and fried egg station, or sizzling pans of bacon and sausages. Curious to find out what was happening, we asked when breakfast would be served, only to be told that it was only just gone 7am.

Ah… It turns out that the ships clocks went back on hour again last night, only our cabin steward didn’t leave us one of the all-important ‘Clocks Go Back One Hour’ reminder tickets with our daily blurb.

Harrumph… we could have had an extra hour in bed….

It didn’t really matter, of course. It just meant that we had extra time to drink orange juice and cups of tea, and relax a bit before the day began proper.

My class on ‘Urban Sketching Techniques’ started on the dot at 9am, and finished around about 10:15, just in time for the Passenger Drill. At which point, everyone had to grab their life jackets and attend their allocated muster stations; ours is on Deck 7, in the Connexions Lounge.

With the drill lasting about 45 minutes, we were back up in the craft room roughly an hour later, packing away.

The weather has been particularly humid and muggy today. We walked a few laps after lunch, to the boisterous sound of the ‘Officers Cocktail Shake Off’ on the Pool Deck below. This appeared to be some sort of competition, centered around different cocktails being promoted by different officers, the object being to see which cocktail was the most popular by virtue of the largest number of units sold. Alternatively, I suspect the true object was to get folks nicely pickled.

The rest of the afternoon remained quite low-key. We completed our laps of the deck and retired to the coolness of the cabin to read and catch up on the blog.

We now have an interesting few days ahead of us. Tomorrow, we will be in Cartagena, in Colombia, where we plan to do our own exploring and try again with the shopping list. The day after that, we will be in Colon, in Panama, where we will be lined up ready to enter the Panama Canal the day after, and pass from the Caribbean Sea into the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Peter Woolley

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