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Very briefly, yesterday afternoon, it looked like we might have the internet back. It was strong enough to receive and send a couple of emails briefly, but then it just sort of gave up the ghost. Tracey asked me why it was that I seemd so calm about the situation. Normally, I would be pulling my hair out, stomping around in frustration and muttering under my breath. I explained that this is a situation so out of my hands that no amount of stomping or muttering could possibly make it better. In the words of the Borg; Resistance is futile.

Breakfast was as normal, in the bistro, so we’re hopeful that last night’s closure was a one-off event. I say normal… passengers are no longer allowed to get their own tea and coffee or fruit juices from the dispensing machines. The area immediately in front of them has been cordoned-off, and a member of staff pours the tea and coffee on demand. This is all very well, but everyone likes their tea and coffee differently. The machine dispenses what I would call ‘half a cup’ (about three-quarters full). When you do it yourself, the shortfall can be topped-up by pressing the button again, but hitting a red ‘stop’ button just before it reaches the required height. I also like only a small amount of half-fat milk. Needless to say, the half cup, with double the mount of milk I would normally prefer wasn’t exactly to my liking… but they try hard and these precautions are absolutely necessary… tea-making requires precision, though….

So, it’s just been one more regular day at sea, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Attaining my 8000 steps is easy when there’s very little else to do. In fact, it’s smart watch and health-band city on the top deck, not to mention an increase of lycra at the moment due to the closure of the gym. Unfortunately, there has also been a notable lack of wildlife.

Normally, on long cruises like this, I would be painting in the cabin, from all the interesting port stops we’ve had… (hm…). I have lots of painting projects I need to be working on, of course, but for these I need the controlled working environment of my studio at home. I’m keeping this blog up to day, but now I’m now seven days into arrears posted them (I wasn’t even able to post the Panama Canal before we lost the signal); anyone reading the blog will have given me up as a bad job by now – those still checking in will receive a bonus batch when we finally get our signal back.

We got a call from Tony at about 6pm, just before we were about to head off to the craft room to set things up for tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s bad news; all art and creative writing classes in the craft room have been cancelled until further notice. So,
no class tomorrow, or the day after. I’m temporarily redundant.

It’s dinner in the restaurant again tonight, and clocks go back another hour, which will put us 9 hours behind the UK.

There are now only two more sea-days to go before we reach our next port-of-call, Nuku Hiva, in French Polynesia. It can’t come soon enough…

Peter Woolley

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