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Today, I had the third class of the three sea-days on our way to our first port on New Zealand, Tauranga, where we are due to arrive tomorrow.

It was farewell to a few folks, for whom this mornings class was their last, who will be disembarking in Aukland in two days time. As we approach the end of first leg of the World Tour, it is marked by a few special performances, the result of much of the work that has gone on during various activities.

The first of those was two nights ago, with the Passenger Talent Show. This afternoon, after lunch, Tracey and I went down to the Atrium, where several of Christine’s proteges were performing their own poetry. It is a testament to Christine’s tuition that, for most, this was the first poetry they had ever written, the first time they had performed, and for some it was the first time they had used a microphone.

A little later, I went to watch ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ being performed by the drama group. I’m not quite sure why I went along to watch it; amateur dramatics isn’t something I’m particularly interested in these days, and I really struggle with Shakespeare. They all gave it their best shot, though, and fair play to everyone involved.

After all that culture, it was nice to finish the afternoon up on deck, watching the waves go by, hoping for a glimpse of wildlife, and watching the sunset.

Tomorrow, we have to be up early, because we’ll be arriving in Middle Earth, and we’re going on a trip to Hobbiton…

Peter Woolley

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