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This morning, I held my final class of this cruise, and distributed the remaining art materials amongst the recipients, since the plan was always for the materials to recede as the trip went along, leaving us with only the minimum amount of gear to take back home with us in the luggage – when you’re flying, every gram counts…

In the immortal words of Mary Poppins and Bart Simpson; my work here is done.

When we disembark from the ship in a couple of days time, we will be in Sydney, where we will be staying for a couple of nights before flying home. In preparation for that, we’ve changed the last of our US dollars at reception for Australian dollars. It isn’t a lot, but it’ll probably pay for a taxi to our hotel.

Tonight, the clocks went back again, so we are now 11 hours ahead of UK time.

After tonight, we also only have one final episode of Stargate Atlantis left to watch.

Peter Woolley

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