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The Three Lochs Drive in the Trossachs is like a masterclass in how to properly welcome and effectively manage visitors in campervans without it ever feeling ‘managed’.

What happens is this: you book a place online via the Trossachs and Loch Lomond website. There are lots of designated places to choose from within an area of forests and lochs that are all linked via a forest track, 7 miles in length, that takes a good 45 minutes to drive through in its entirety.

During daylight hours, visitors are charged ¬£2 per car to enter the area; at 4pm the gates are locked. Campervans, motorhomes and campers who have booked their places and obtained permits are also given access to a code that allows them to unlock the gates if they arrive late or need to leave early. I’ve mentioned the location in previous blog posts and I dare say I’ll be mentioning it again, as it is one of our favourite overnighters.

Needless to say, we booked our place a week or so prior to our journey, and were delighted by it.

In fact, the area we had purchased our permit for included not one, but three locations designated for motorhomes, but when we arrived, a particularly large vehicle had parked in such a way as to take up two spaces. Not being in the right mood to engage with the occupants and ask them to move over, which might create tension, we decided to back up to the location we’d already passed and hitherto dismissed‚Ķ it was the best decision we could possibly have made.

Our stopover for the night was right alongside a small loch where we were able to sit and eat our dinner and watch the sun go down and the mists rise in total peace and tranquility. Even the midges didn’t seem too bad.

Peter Woolley

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