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For our first full day in Morvich, we opted for a relatively gentle meander the local area. After breakfast we walked the mile from the site into the village, enjoying the views of the mountains visible in all directions. From here, we headed up the lower slopes of Sgurr na Criche, where a map told us there were waterfalls, and from where we knew we would have a good view of the loch. It also just happened to be the perfect place to eat lunch.

The waterfalls turned out to be barely visible through the vegetation and rather inaccessible without a scramble. The views were quite awesome, though, and while the hill enticed us to climb higher, we stuck to our agenda and headed back down to get a closer look at the loch.

A narrow road bridge carrying the A87 spans the inlet where the River Croe meets the loch, and colourful mud flats become visible at low tide. The colours fascinated me most of all, with bright golden seaweed lining the edges of the mud and the shoreline, ensuring a vibrant scene whichever direction they are viewed from.

We crossed the bridge and I took a walk down to the shoreline to get a closer look at the seaweed and rocks. On the Northern bank of the river at this point, we also discovered the remains of an old church – St Dubbtbach’s – and burial ground that was worth exploring. There’s a war memorial there too, along with a cemetery that seemed to be mostly populated by members of the McCrae clan.

We spent some time meandering through the graves before heading along the northern shore back towards Morvich.

Peter Woolley

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