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I’m pleased to announce that I have been invited to run painting workshops on the Saga cruise ship ‘Spirit of Adventure’. We will be sailing from Southampton on the 21st of May, on a 32-night voyage billed as Eastern Mediterranean Odyssey.

It’s a significant posting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, after a break of two years, for obvious reasons, this will be the first time I’ve worked on a ship since sailing to Sydney on the Columbus back in 2020. In that time, many things have changed; CMV, on whose ships I worked many times, is no more, and for a while there, I’m sure many people were starting to wonder if cruising would ever return at all.

Secondly, this is the first Saga ship I will have worked on since sailing on the Saga Ruby way back in December 2006 and Saga Rose in 2008. My trip on the Saga Ruby, to the Mediterranean, was my first ever experience of being on a cruise liner. I really didn’t know how I was going to take to it, or if it was something I was going to like, and certainly at that time, I didn’t know it would be the start of many trips on other ships over the years, to so many different corners of the world.

So, I’m excited and mildly anxious in equal measure. Excited to be getting back into the nitty gritty of teaching folks to paint in an ocean-going environment, and also of rejoining Saga after all this time. Things will have changed; there will inevitably be some fallout from the pandemic and ongoing world events seem to be underpinning everything at this time. I look forward to being able to reacquaint myself with Athens, Tunis, Valletta and Cagliari, to name but a few of the featured highlights.

Bring it on…

Peter Woolley

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