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Today, we were back at sea, on our way towards our next port of call, Syracuse, in Sicily. We’ve left the Aegean Sea and are now in the Ionian Sea.

It’s been very windy all day, and the sea has been quite choppy. In fact, I would say that this is the first time – certainly once we’d left the coastline which we we’ve been sailing quite close to, and were in the open sea – that we’ve really noticed the movement of the ship.

It being a sea-day, of course, meant I had classes in both the morning and the afternoon (with an early sign-up at 8:30am, so no lie-in for us). It was ‘White Water’ today, in which I taught them how to paint a waterfall. Not a particularly easy subject – made a little more difficult by the fact that I’ve got this session and my basic ‘Negative Painting’ session the wrong way round.

Maybe it’s the accumulation of three consecutive port days, or the long day of teaching, but both Tracey and I felt particularly tired after lunch and had to resort to a brief nap, to recouperate before this afternoon’s class. After the classes, I hunkered down to some blogging and online studenting, trying desperately to catch-up with stuff. Where does time go?

Tonight is another Formal Night, and clocks go back one hour, so we gain an hour…. yeey! I feel like I need it!

Peter Woolley

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