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Today, we were back at sea, heading towards our final port-of-call, Lisbon.

My class today was all about line and wash, with a little bit of ‘Urban Sketching’ thrown in for good measure. Line and wash is always quite popular; unfortunately, the chosen subject called for a basic understanding of perspective, which proved particularly challenging for some people. The knock-on effect of that was that I spent more time explaining two-point perspective than I did the line and wash technique. The good news is; despite the challenge, most folks actually reported having enjoyed it… phew…

A Code Alpha announcement was made during lunch – this would be a medical emergency requiring the immediate attention of the medics, on deck 14. We learned later that Joanne, the pianist had found a man passed out on deck and duly raised the alarm.

This afternoon, as we were packing away things from the second class, the captain announced a minor diversion in our route, and the imminent arrival of a helicopter, to whisk away the poorly passenger off to hospital in Spain.

The main show this evening, in the Playhouse Theatre, was ‘The Little Opera Company’. They are a lovely bunch of young performers who, when we first saw them in The Grill at dinner, we thought they’d accidentally got on the wrong ship (I also thought they had more than a passing resemblance to a young Abba). Despite all this, opera is not really our thing, so we opted to go watch ‘Guitar Legends’ in the Britannia Lounge, and immediately wished we’d gone to watch the opera.

Peter Woolley

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