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Today’s painting class was all about Creative Lighting, in which we transformed a dull photograph into a dramatic winter sunset. It’s a session that always seems to go down well (and made up for yesterday’s challenge).

We’ve been going down to The Supper Club with some regularity. There are always lots of things going on throughout the ship of an evening, but the Supper Club has a particularly relaxing feel to it, made all the more relaxing by the prescence of Sam and Coral, a guitar/piano/vocal duo, who give the room a pleasing acoustic vibe.

This evening, after Sam and Coral’s early set, the Supper Club was transformed into a heaving, vibrant venue as folks streamed down from The Playhouse Theatre, filling every available seat in the house, and most of the standing room at the back. At 10:45, Sam and Coral were joined by Joseph and Andy, on drums and double-bass, to provide backing for Genie, one of the cruise team. Billed as ‘Golden Gems with Genie’, the crowd whooped and hollered, supporting a first show by a very talented performer… in all, a great night!

Peter Woolley

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