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We had a rough, bouncy night. Not, by any means, the roughest or bounciest we’ve ever experienced, but certainly enought to notice the effects in the morning. Both of us had a poor night’s sleep leaving me feeling quite drained and not entirely ‘with it’.

But I had two classes to run, and the show must go on…

Today’s lesson was on painting dry stone walls and sheep, and at the end of the second session, we held what I like to call my ‘Charity Jumble Sale’, where all the paintings I’ve produced during the classes were signed and made available to purchase by those attending them. All proceeds were to go to the Red Cross Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, and with a recommended donation of a modest £5 (or more if they wished), we raised £155.

By the end of the day, I was so dog-tired, that all I wanted to do was sleep. Tonight was a formal night, but the thought of getting dressed up and hitting the high life just didn’t appeal so we made ourselves presentable, just for dinner, and headed for The Grill, with a plan to return to the cabin immediately afterwards.

When we finally did get back to the cabin, I hit the sack immediately, and after a fitful start, finally managed to fall asleep… after all, I have my two final classes to run tomorrow… It’s our last day at sea, and we expect to be arriving at Southampton the day after. It’s been a great trip, but I am now looking forward to being home again.

Peter Woolley

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