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Although currently living in North Yorkshire, where he now only occasionally performs at floor spots in local folk clubs, Peter Woolley was born and bred in Derbyshire.

It was in the early 80s when he began making his way into the folk clubs, discovering a love for folk music and finding inspiration to starting writing his own songs.

In 1982 he played as one half of a duo, Tamlyn, and went on to tour with Irish band After Hours. In 1985, Culpepper was founded, consisting of Peter (Vocals / Guitar), Ruth Tomkins (Vocals / Flute), Christine Griffin (Vocals / Percussion) and Dave Coxon (Vocals / Bass), a band which went on to enjoy much success at folk venues and beer festivals, mainly throughout Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Peter continued to write throughout this period (many of the original songs performed by Culpepper were penned by Peter, or co-written with Ruth Tomkins), and he produced a total of 4 albums-worth of his own material, the last being Bramble Lane in 1988. Culpepper recorded 3 albums; Ye Culpepper Bande (1985), Where Do We Go From Here (1985) and A Minute Before Midnight (1986).

Here are a few exclusive Culpepper tracks:
Ballad Of A Faerie King (1986)
(Kicking Around) In Another Time (1986)
The Music Box (1985)
Where Do We Go From Here (1985)

After the break-up of Culpepper, Peter's live musical appearances became fewer and far between, and his energies were mainly focused on his full-time work as a professional freelance artist, an occupation he has enjoyed much success at (see his website at and continues to do today.

In June 2006, Peter released a compilation album entitled Mixed Bag featuring his best work from earlier albums. A new album, Never Go Back, was released in January 2007 featuring mainly traditional and contemporary songs he performs live, and two brand new self-penned titles.

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