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    What do you get as an Online Student?

    Peter Woolley’s Private On-line Student Service is aimed at students of all abilities, from complete beginner upwards, and offers one-to one tuition from a professional working artist in the comfort of their own home.

    From very humble beginnings, it has developed into a mature resource for the home student, and continues to grow in popularity. Recent upgrades to the service have improved the online working environment for students, including access to a vast library of high-quality video demonstrations.

    The 20-session Drawing & Sketching course begins by introducing all the basic drawing techniques through video and step-by-step demonstrations. More advanced techniques are added as the student progresses towards a whole set of sketching projects and exercises designed to improve their drawing and sketching abilities. Developing an appreciation for the power of the pencil as a direct, and highly accessible, form of expression is at the core of the course - unleash your potential today!

    A Full Beginners Watercolour Course takes the student through 24 graded sessions from basic principles to more advanced techniques, and a completely refurbished Projects & Videos Vault, featuring 100+ carefully curated, ready-to-paint projects in 18 categories, is always available for further inspiration and education.

    All Projects feature printable notes, step-by-step instructions and many with accompanying video demonstration - all the video demonstrations from Peter's DVDs are available exclusively to online students, complete with step-by step painting guides to help you paint-along-a-Peter. If you prefer to work on your own, personal projects, that's fine too, and you can communicate with other students via the Student Bar forum.

    The service can be completely customised to suit the individual needs of the student. This means you can work at your own pace and submit work at any time. Personal feedback comes direct from Peter, via a password-protected web-page, accessible only by you, where one-to-one advice and tuition will guide you through the process of learning and improving your watercolour techniques.

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    Online students have full, unlimited access to all service features, which include the following:
    20-Session Drawing Course | 24-Session Watercolour Course | Projects & Videos Vault | Online Composition Workshop | Student Bar | Private One-to-one tuition and guidance with Peter.

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    "Peter has been my watercolour teacher/mentor for over 3 years now. His course schedules are laid out so that a complete novice can understand and progress under his tutelage. There are so many levels that an intermediate or advanced Artist might benefit and can quickly progress through the important 'groundwork' lessons and get to the 'meat' where specific subjects are taught. Trees, Skies, Water, Grass, Sheep, Mountains, Rocks, Reflections, Shadows,etc., you will learn it all and you will have a bank of extra material to try your new skills out on. Peter's approach helps to establish a strong design concept using concepts like color contrast, various perspectives, and composition.

    One of the most impressive things is not just his painting talent but his ability to sequence essential techniques and build upon them in subsequent lessons.

    If you are serious about Watercolours, look no further."

    - Russell, Maryland USA
    "As an owner of an online training company, I have extremely high expectations of any courses I take online. Peter's watercolor classes and feedback not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. I highly recommend these classes for anyone wanting to take their watercolor paintings to the next level."
    - Maria, Georgia USA
    "I must say that I have been really pleased with your teaching online. It is really complete, with all the videos and the step by step very clear. Thank you very much for giving such a complete course."
    - Stephanie, Lamorlaye FRANCE
    "The drawing course I took from you was a treat and remains a real highlight of the year. I still look over the work I did for you and am proud."
    - Alice, Maine USA
    "I can definitely recommend Peter's on-line watercolour course. The demonstrations were very clear and helpful and each subject was explained thoroughly. The critiques at the end of each session were friendly, helpful and encouraging. There was never any pressure to complete the work and you could work as quickly or as slowly as you wanted to. I'm really pleased I did this course and feel I have learned a lot from it."
    - Lesley, Northamptonshire
    "Peter, you didn't gave a canned feedback, nor just a good one, you went far and beyond, I felt you did the extra effort to enter in my shoes before to sit and answer me, which requires commitment, time and brain from your behalf, and for that I heartily thank you."
    - Dario, Rome ITALY
    "I would like to make a comment about your watercolour and pencil drawing courses. They have been absolutely brilliant. I have learnt so much in just a few months.

    Peter I have been amazed at the in depth critiques that you have given. It shows such dedication and understanding. As a fellow teacher (I was a Junior Teacher before retirement) I am aware of the time you have dedicated to giving invaluable guidance and I am extremely grateful. You have a special gift which you share willingly. Thank you."

    - Margaret, Norfolk

    Terms & Conditions

    [1] Registration as an STUDENT requires either a single payment of £195 (for 12 months), £110 (for 6 months) or £60 (for 3 months) or monthly payments of £19 (12 months), £21 (6 months) or £24 (3 months) respectively. Payment of fees will be only be accepted via the secure on-line portals provided.

    Towards the end of your subscription period, you will be notified of the imminent expiry date, and offered the opportunity to renew your membership under the same terms without any loss of service.

    [2] On-line Students may submit work as often as they like during the term of their membership. Peter Woolley will look at it and prepare written feedback, guidance and other appropriate resources, with suggestions, recommendations and, if necessary, follow-up exercises. This information will be password-protected and accessible only via links provided directly to the student. Please note, students should expect a delay between submitting work and having a report posted of up to 7 days, depending upon how many students are submitting at any given time.

    [3] Students may submit work sourced from projects of their own, select from pre-prepared projects, or follow any, or all, of the structured Beginners Courses. The pace at which a student wishes to work is up to the individual; Peter Woolley will not be held responsible for the self-motivation of students, although every encouragement will be given.

    [4] Images submitted to Peter Woolley should sent as an attachment via e-mail to students@peterwoolley.co.uk, according to instructions provided on the appropriate session page. They may be in any graphic format (preferably JPEG, GIF or TIFF), but must not exceed 1mb in size. Please ensure they are adequately compressed before sending. Images over 1mb or not in a recognised graphic format will be rejected. Advice on scanning and preparing work for submission is provided in the Help Section.

    [5] Cancellation of Student subscriptions must be made within 14 days of the initial sign-up date, and will only be accepted provided no work has been submitted. Providing the request for cancellation meets these conditions, a full refund will then be made. Cancellations made after the 14 days will be subject to an administration fee of £10.

    [6] Registration as a MEMBER requires a monthly payment of £9. Payment of fees will be only be accepted via the secure on-line payment portals provided by WORLDPAY or PAYPAL. The agreement can be cancelled by the user at any time.

    [7] Privacy Policy: The rights of privacy of all on-line Students and Members is duly recognised and will be respected at all times.

    [8] Data Protection: Online payments are all handled securely via Worldpay or Paypal payment portals. No personal or credit card information is stored on this site.

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