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Private Workshops are available for groups of 2 or more in your own venue.

An all-day workshop is an ideal environment in which groups can work towards improving all aspects of watercolour technique. Peter will discuss, demonstrate and actively encourage participants to explore each stage of a watercolour as it progresses throughout the day. Working from photographs and sketches either pre-arranged with, and supplied by, the group or from source material provided by Peter himself, the object of a day's workshop is to create a finished (or near-finished) work.

All-day private workshops usually run from 10am until 4pm, with tea-breaks and lunch-break as required. Other starting and finishing times may be pre-arranged, provided it falls within a maximum 6-hour period. Workshops of longer duration will be charged extra. Half-day workshops are also available.

Unless a specific technique or subject matter is requested at the time of booking, Peter will usually choose a subject taken from recent sketching trips. He will discuss the importance of the preliminary sketch in the painting process, and then proceed to paint up in a step-by-step manner from the chosen sketch, drawing attention to, and discussing in detail, the techniques involved as they arise.

A one-day Introductory Workshop for Total Beginners can be provided on request. This would feature exercises on the four basic washes, culminating in a simple first landscape. This is an excellent choice for small groups who are just starting out. Further sessions can then be arranged to take the group through a complete Beginners Course.

A private workshop can take place in any venue you choose. A small room in your local village hall is ideal if there are more than 4 of you, or maybe you would like to set it up in your own home if you have the available space. Venue arrangements are the responsibility of the person making the booking.

Fees for private workshops are charged according to numbers and duration, plus travel expenses (negotiable, depending upon distance).

All-day Workshop (up to 6 hours)
No. of Participants Fee per person
2 £110
3 £75
4 £55
5 or more £45

Half-day Workshop (up to 3 hours)
No. of Participants Fee per person
2 £70
3 £46
4 £35
5 or more £28

A nominal fee of £1 per person may also be added to the fee to cover the printing of photos and sketches provided by Peter.
Peter is happy to consider private workshop enquiries from anywhere in the UK and abroad.
To help you plan a visit from Peter, please check out his current engagements on the Online Diary.