Flash Floods in Spain

We arrived in Murcia safely, and more or less on time, courtesy of Jet2. Our hosts for Friday night, Tracey’s Mum and Dad, however, were a little late getting to the airport, having taken almost 3 hours to make a one and a half hour journey, on account of flash floods having swept away parts of the toll road. Diversions were still in place on the return journey, but thankfully it didn’t take us quite so long.


It isn’t raining now, but the TV news is full of the story; properties abandoned, cars swept away and a few people killed in some of the worst flooding this area of Spain has seen in a good long time.


It’s now Saturday morning; it’s still cool, but the sun is shining and it’s quite beautiful. Just finishing off a cup of tea before heading towards Almeria (about an hour away).


I’ll write a full update later, when we’re on the ship…

Health Update and Re-packing

This is a quick update just to say that the rest and recuperation is doing me a world of good; I should do this more often!


I’ve been up and about and busying myself with the necessary repacking required to squeeze all the junk that I was planning to take on board ship with me down to a much lesser pile that we can take on board an aeroplane.


Tomorrow, we fly to Spain and, hopefully, pick up the ship in Almeria on Saturday morning… fingers crossed.


Thank you for the comments, by the way… all very much appreciated!


For anyone interested; the position of the Black Watch (and all the other Fred Olsen ships, for that matter), can be tracked here: http://www.fredolsencruises.com/Our-Ships/Ship-Locator


Now then….

At this early point in the trip, my blog post should be reading something like this: “arrived in Dover safely and boarded the ship as planned. Settled into the cabin on The Black Watch and watched as the lights of Dover Port disappear behind us. Coming up next…. The Bay of Biscay…”


Sadly, that didn’t happen.


As I write this, I’m still at home in Richmond, nursing a horrendous bout of vertigo that hit me about tea-time on Monday evening. I don’t know where it came from, and its something I’ve never experienced before; the world just wouldn’t stop spinning – the knock-on effect of which was nausea and the inevitable sickness – not very pleasant at all. Bearing in mind that the plan was to be up at 6am and to be away, heading south by 7am on Tuesday morning, I went to bed, convinced that it would all be fine by morning… except it wasn’t.


I stubbornly insisted that I would be okay, and went crashing about making last minute preparations, until my head and stomach finally made me see sense, and went back to bed, feeling quite poorly, and thoroughly disappointed.


Tracey, efficient as she is, managed to get me a 9 o’clock appointment at the doctors. I duly threw up for him, just to prove that I wasn’t faking it, and he jabbed me full of drugs to stop the spinning in return. He didn’t seem unduly worried; asked me a load of questions to try and ascertain the source of the problem, but basically told me to stay in bed, and keep taking the tablets he’s prescribed me. The most important thing he said was that he was sure I wasn’t in any way contagious.


The fact is; even if I had managed to get as far as Dover, there’s a very high probability that they wouldn’t have let me on the ship in that condition. We’ve also been experiencing some of the worse flooding in the area for about 30 years, with roads being closed in all directions, including the A1 Southbound, meaning that even if I had managed to get away from our driveway, I would have been faced with serious travel restrictions… someone up there really didn’t want me to get on the Black Watch, yesterday….


So there’s been a slight change of plan.


Both Tracey and I will be flying to Spain on Friday to join the Black Watch in Almeria on Saturday. I’ll have missed The Bay of Biscay and three workshops….


No worries; I’m going back to bed….

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